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Angela Mosley


2015 is when it started for this single mom, who had a vision to build a legacy! Getting children to eat non traditional food is hard, but she found a way by incorporating "the sauce" into her food.


Fast forwarding to a pot luck, she brought her sauce with a salmon croque dish and noticed that her co-workers was putting the sauce on everything else as well. That's when it dawned on her to bottle the sauce up and let the world experience the taste that is "Ms. TJ's Sauce"

Starting from selling "Ms. TJ's Sauce" from out of her car locally, she is now expanding the experience to the entire world!


Ms. Mosley knows all about good food, and she is more than happy to talk about it with you (in fact, it would be her pleasure!). We hope you contact her and find out how to Give a Bang to Everythang you cook!

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